Advanced Trading Systems


Leveraged Trader is a Full-Fledged Advanced trading bot supporting multiple order types, execution engines, and auxiliary orders.

It uses it’s advanced API handler, which ensures protections against all system overloads, and severe market impacts.

Leveraged trader is your one stop solution for trading on Bitmex, while leveraging maker rebates, using statistical models with no limits, and make profits out of the market.


Leveraged Trader uses a wide variety of trading techniques to provide the user with full control over their algorithm and Bitmex account.


Market Data Adapters

Leveraged trader provides you with very efficient data adapters, which allows you making one algorithms using candlesticks of more than one time frames, It provides 10 default time frames, more can be added on request.


Leveraged trader is an open source software, which is provides extreme customziablity, for any further changes according to user specific needs.

Zone Orders

Leveraged Trader use the Bitmex’s Bulk Order management system to take positions in parts of many orders, to scale in and scale out of position dynamically.

Telegram Trade Notifications

Telegram Control

Leveraged trader notifies your account activities on your telegram, and also provides certain access like changing leverage, order size and terminating the bot, from telegram itself.

Order Types

Leveraged trader has for order types: Market, Limit, Trace and Trail. This extreme customization provides a great flexibility to your algorithm, and also makes full use of the maker rebates.

Tradingview Webhooks

Leveraged trader has a tradingview add-on which allows you to define your strategy on tradingview using Pine Scripts, or alerts of invite-only script. By means of webhooks, your trades are processed on the Bitmex Exchange.

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