Most frequent questions and answers

They are the simplest form of limit orders, It takes an extra parameter of Limit Spread.

Whenever the strategy signals a short or long, a limit order is placed on the exchange. If the Limit spread is zero, the order is placed at the top of the OrderBook.

For example, if the current highest bid is 7555.5 and the lowest ask is 7556, and at this instant the trading strategy signaled a short. If the other parameter “Limit Spread” is set by you to zero, then a short order will be placed at 7556 with the set contract size, if let’s say you have set the Limit Spread to 10, then the short order will be placed at 7566, i.e, at a 10 dollar difference from the top of the order book.

Check this  video to know more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6Lb91YD7hw

Tracing Orders are an upgraded version of the fixed price limit orders, in this type of orders, your open orders will be constantly amended, this can allow you to keep your order at the top of the order book.

Check this video to get the complete idea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6Lb91YD7hw

Zone Orders are bulk orders, that are placed at the same instant, at different prices and different quantity sizes, so whenever the strategy gives a signal, tens of buy orders will be placed instantly, and it would facilitate risk diversification by allowing you to take position in several parts.

This is an ideal way to take position, and the zone order type will automatically process everything for you.

Watch this video to know more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7cSud9heKI


The Leveraged trader trading bot is a standalone software and it is not hosted on any centralized web server. This provides a transparency to the user.

Therefore to run the bot 24/7 without any interruptions, a vps is required. 

Since, the Leveraged Trader is a client hosted software, your API keys will  not be stored by anyone but you, and therefore will remain completely safe and only known to you.

Yes, the bot is delivered completely source so you can have full confidence it, and change and modify the bot according to your needs. The Leveraged Trader also provide flexibility for customization, with its easy to understand and clearly defined source code.

A complete installation guide in a video will be provided after successful order. You can run the bot on you local pc, or you can rent a vps to run it more efficiently and all times of the day.

No. It is completely understandable that most traders are not familiar with programming languages.

With the Professional and Premium version of the bot you do not require any python knowledge, video guides for installation will be available and then you can deploy your creative strategy from tradingview.

If you’re planning to buy the Basic version, it is recommended to have some knowledge about python, as you will have to write you custom strategy in python itself, or else you can use the predefined strategies of the basic version.

The bot can be operated from windows, mac and Linux based operating systems, you need to install python to run the software.

You can send an a mail at support@leveragedtrader.com, your query will be answered in less than 2 days.

If you face difficulties in installing or running the Leveraged Trader even after using the video installation guide, feel free to shoot a mail at support@leveragedtrader.com, you’ll be assisted via a teamviewer remote session.