Bitmex Mirror Bot


Bitmex Mirror trading bot is using BitMEX WebSockets to fetch orders and positions. It uses a unique process to link orders of host and sub-account, using randomised client order IDs, which provides flexibility and removes many limitations of the native mirror bot.

Demonstration Video:

For question send email to:

Important Note:

  • Bitmex Mirror only supports Windows Operating System unlike Leveraged Trader, which can work on all operating system. Mac or Linux users can get a windows VPS and run the Bitmex Mirror all time.
  • An executable file (.exe) file is provided as shown in the demonstration video.
  • Reselling of the software is not allowed.



    • Fast and efficient built on WebSockets.
    • Copies Leverage.
    • It supports all types of orders, including stop, trail, limit and market.
    • It has special handlers for partially filled orders.
    • Support all error handlers to avoid a crash.
    • Add API keys while the bot is running.