Professional | Leveraged Trader


Leveraged Trader is an advanced trading system designed for Bitmex cryptocurrency derivatives exchange.

It’s Open Source Nature, and extreme flexibility makes it an ideal fit for the retail traders who are looking forward to trading algorithmically on Bitmex. It also allows traders to make core changes in the trading bot through independent freelancers or the trader themselves.

With the use of the latest feature of webhooks by Tradingview, the Professional version of the trading bot offers the non-programmers to trade algorithmically without any limitations.

  • Professional version includes all elements of the Basic version
    • Real-time strategy calculation
    • Real-time order and position management system
    • Telegram alerts
    • Telegram Control System
    • Auxiliary Order Management System
    • Overloading handler
    • Market Orders
    • Limit Orders
    • Trace Orders (amend limit order to fill them as a maker)
    • Trailing Orders (Improves the entry and exit price)
    • Stop Loss and Take Profit
    • Trailing Stop Losses
    • Technical analysis module
    • Five predefined strategies
    • Direct access to more than 30 indicators
    • Reversal Orders are also supported
    • One Time Payment
    • Open Source
    • Usage Guide
  • Additional Features
    • Tradingview webhooks support
    • Alert Flags (simple style to create alerts on Tradingview which is understood by the bot)
    • Tradingview safety Keys (Additional security layer to prevent unauthorised access using webhook URL)

Revolutionise your trading and trade without emotions, with the best trading system Leveraged Trader.